I help leaders win
diverse markets.

Technology, product
& service strategy

Market research

Inclusive design

We live in an age where technology and online engagement have shifted traditional markets to become more diverse and engaged.

Learning and moving faster than most organizations, evolving consumer markets typically outpace the capacity of internal teams to deliver exceptional experiences. That’s where I come in.

I work with leaders to improve technology decision-making, increase market engagement, and grow operational effectiveness.

The result: market-leading products and services that win diverse markets.

Lee has a deep understanding of how to gain market access, create market reach, and grow the bottom and top lines of an organization through inclusivity and accessibility.

Lucy La Grassa, Chair for the Executive Committee


I’ve been published or featured across a series of platforms over the years, including online, print, and television. Here are some highlights.


In addition to speaking on a variety of topics from service and product strategy to market research and customer experience, I have facilitated panels and interviews at global financial services, insurance, retail, design, and technology events.

Lee’s perspective on digital channels, human-centred design, and inclusive design has been a great boon to FITC over the years.

Shawn Pucknell, Founding Director, FITC


Over the years I have directly had a hand in shaping the futures of organizations from across public and private sectors. From B2B to B2C, to government organizations whose mandate is to serve everyone, my insights impact operations, product, services, and customer experience equally and holistically.

Lee’s insights are a major step towards not wasting 100s of thousands of dollars building the wrong thing.

Aran Hamilton, Founder, Vantage

Advisory & mentorship

As my career has matured, I’ve been sure to seek out opportunities to contribute to the growth and maturity of other individuals and organizations as a trusted advisor, mentor, and coach. Here are some of the organizations who I’ve worked with directly and, through the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, continue to facilitate my ongoing mentorship and coaching.

Lee has always been an engaged and reliable advisor, and has played an active part in guiding us and holding us accountable to a high degree of equity and inclusion in our processes.

Lia Milito, Managing Director, Code for Canada

Community & associations

I established Together in 2017 because I recognized the systemic issues both youth and professionals faced across professional industries. As the world has begun collectively acknowledging these issues, I’ll continue to work from within to build a more representative community while growing my learning, engagement, and capabilities.

Lee's passion for and drive to establish programs that address systemic gaps while making a difference for youth and professionals impresses me deeply.

Niya Bajaj, Public Affairs Team Lead, Ontario Public Service


With passions extending beyond research, equity, and the impact of my work, I spend my spare time working on the crafts of music and photography, as well as promoting and supporting the arts.